This home, originally built in 1973, is a small home that had a very simple layout in need of a major upgrade. The owner wanted a very clean, modern style home with personal touches that would bring it up to date. 

The home itself has lots of large windows brining in a ton of natural light, so we added a lot of white to emphasize that light, giving it an open and airy feel, immediately making it feel more relaxing. The next step was replacing all the floors throughout from mix-matched in every... single... room...  to a light stone tile and dark wood floors. 

To bring in a modern farmhouse touch we wanted to use barn doors to maximize the already small bathrooms, and used a strong oak grain with a dark stain. Throughout you'll see touches of black from fixtures, to faucets and even a dark green wall to really make those white cabinets pop. We opted for a more subtle granite countertop and stone backsplash so the kitchen felt warm and inviting.

The fireplace had beautiful brick that was laid out in horrible pattern, so to modernize it, we covered the existing form with white concrete and softened the concrete with an off-white lime wash. The living room previously was dark and had mix matched curtains, so brighting up the space with lighter tones and lighter wood accents really amplified the amount of room they had. We designated a dining area and living space.

In the bathrooms we opted for a white-washed concrete look tile to make the small bathrooms feel much larger than they are, updated all the toilet and vanities to create a very minimalist feel.

The rest of the design was furniture, accessories and light fixtures to make the space flow together while giving each room it's own unique style. 

We opted for custom designed furniture pieces to maximize each room. The dining table, coffee tables, console, vanities, barn doors, and island were all handmade in our furniture shop.

The exterior of the building I instantly loved. It was so simple and clean, a single story ranch style home with a modern form. We opted to paint the entire exterior white, added in a wood fence and update the garage and front door to complete the look. We upgrade the windows with white vinyl frames to keep everything neutral and minimalist. A modern farmhouse with industrial touches.

Let us know what you think of this home in the comments below. 


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