The Process of Making Furniture with an Interior Designer

The Process of Making Furniture with an Interior Designer

As an interior designer, you might wonder, what's the process of creating custom furniture? Here's a list of the steps taken below by our team to ensure a smooth process to building your ideal pieces.
  1. Initial Consultation and Design Briefing: The process typically begins with an initial consultation between the interior designer and someone from our design team at Abrego. During this meeting, the designer discusses their vision, requirements, and specifications for the furniture pieces they need. This includes details such as dimensions, materials, style, and any special features.

  2. Design Submission: After the consultation, the interior designer submits their designs, sketches, or technical drawings to us. These documents outline the exact specifications and details of each piece of furniture requested.

  3. Deposit Payment: Once the designs are approved by the client, the interior designer will pay a deposit. This deposit secures the manufacturing process and covers initial costs such as materials and labor.

  4. Confirmation of Drawings and Design Details: Our design team will the review the submitted designs and communicate with the interior designer to confirm all the details. Any necessary adjustments or clarifications are made at this stage to ensure that both parties are aligned on the final design.

  5. Finish Samples Confirmation: If the furniture requires specific finishes such as stains or upholstery fabrics, we will provide samples for the interior designer to choose from. Once the finishes are selected, they are confirmed and documented for production.

  6. Manufacturing Process: With the designs finalized and finish samples confirmed, we will begin the manufacturing process. Skilled craftsmen work meticulously to bring the designs to life, using high-quality materials and precision techniques. We have both upholstery and woodworking in house, so if you're local, please feel free to schedule an appointment to view your pieces once they are close to completion.

  7. Progress Updates: Throughout the manufacturing process, we may provide periodic updates to the interior designer, keeping them informed of the progress and any significant developments.

  8. Final Inspection and Completion: Once the furniture pieces are completed, they undergo a thorough inspection to ensure they meet the highest quality standards and adhere to the approved designs. Any final adjustments or touch-ups are made as necessary.

  9. Final Payment and Ready for Pickup: After the photos are sent to the client and they approve the finished furniture, the interior designer makes the remaining payment, which covers the balance of the total cost. Once the payment is received, the furniture is delivered and installed in the designated space, completing the project.

Custom furniture can be a fun and rewarding process for your next design project. Reach out to us and let us know how we can help - or select from a number of our designs which are all fully customizable to your specific specifications. 


Customize any ABREGO design in additional creating full custom furniture - contact us to find out more.

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