Furniture Care

All of our Abrego Design furniture is made with zero VOC finishes that keep you and your environment safe. Due to the nature of the product, we recommend that you only clean your products with a damp cloth and wipe dry after any use. If you need something a little stronger we recommend purchasing the following for long term maintenance and care of your furniture. 

1. RubioMonocoat Renew

2. RubioMonocoat Surface Care and Cleaner

3. RubioMonocoat Maintenance Oil

DO NOT use other cleaners on your wood or vegan leather surfaces or this can damage the product and finish.


Only us a slightly damp cloth to wipe down vegan leather. We recommend using a natural colorless wax to keep your leather looking hydrated. Apply your wax of choice sparingly with a clean cloth and leave to dry.


While all of our products have good resistance to water, they are not water proof. To prevent stains, wipe up any liquid as quick as possible.

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